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At last!  The day has finally come to test his new weapon.  Professor Errowmont pulls on a pair of grey trousers, buttons his white blouse, fastens his brown belt, and slips into a pair of sensible grey shoes.  He then finishes by fastening his blue tie, shrugging on a white labcoat, tying his long black hair into a ponytail, and donning his small round glasses.  There.  That's better.  Errowmont spares a final glance into the restroom mirror before walking out the door.  Time to fetch Kitani...
Kitani rubs her eyes and yawns, greeted in the morning by her aching body.  At least Errowmont promised there would be no more 'treatments'.  Although he mentioned something else about using temporal RNA sequencing to make her reach maturity more quickly.  Kitani shudders.  She didn't like the look in his eyes when Errowmont started talking about using her as a breeding vessel to further his line once she reached full maturity.  Kitani shakes off the unsettling thoughts as she makes her way to the restroom she shared with Errowmont to wash.  She fetches her stool and climbs up to the sink to wash her face.  Kitani splashes her face with cold water dripping off her pale skin, feeling refreshed.  Kitani fingers the white linen dress neatly folded and laid out for her on the bathroom counter for her, sliding it on with expert hands now used to her faster reflexes.  She then fetches a hair brush and starts brushing her long raven-black hair, staring at a solemn little face framed by blunt black bangs.  Kitani slides on a pair of soft slippers as she hears her name called.  The little girl strides towards the voice without a backward glance...
Errowmont carries Kitani to the Crystal Palace in the Holy City Antioch, the Capital City of Mirron, the Seinken Homeworld.  As soon as Kitani takes down the Elder King, she will be strong enough to take on Sephiroth, a Calibrean Supersoldier rising through the ranks, known as the Nightmare.  The Elder King rises from his throne as Errowmont and Kitani enter the Great Hall.  Errowmont looks the Elder King straight in the eye and boasts, "Behold, Elder King, I have created your downfall.  It is only fitting that the greatest warrior that ever lived would taken down by a small child.  And not just ANY child.  She was the perfect canidite to receive the augmentations to turn her into a living weapon!"  Errowmont has a demented gleam in his eyes as he describes each augmentation procedure in vivid detail.  Kitani looks at Errowmont with a pleading expression in her deep blue eyes.  Kitani begs, "Please don't make me kill him!"   As the full horror of the situation sinks in, the Elder King, Xalander Xixilias, becomes livid.  Xalander screams, face turning red, "How DARE you use an innocent child to further your twisted goals!"  And in a blur of speed, the Elder King kills Errowmont right in front of Kitani, cleaving him in half before he ever drew his sword.  Kitani watches the scene with horror in her eyes as Errowmont quickly bleeds out in a pool of dark red blood of the Seinken.  "Errowmont will never hurt you again," the Elder King tells Kitani solemnly.  Kitani asks in a small voice as she sighs in relief, "Who will make me better now?"  The Elder King answers, "You were not sick to begin with."  Xanander continues, "Errowmont was the sick one."  His expression softens as Kitani asks him what was done to her and why.  The Elder King answers her with a pained expression, "He tried to make a weapon out of you, child."  Kitani regards the Elder King solemnly, asking him, "You mean to hurt others?"  The Elder King was known to have a soft spot for children.  For all his power, children didn't fear him.  The King answers plainly, "Yes.  He was going to use you to kill me."  Tears well in Kitani's eyes as she asks him why.  "I do not know," the Elder King tells her as he kneels down to Kitani's height.   "Cry if you feel you must.  Its okay.  You're safe now," The Elder King gently reassures Kitani, who is clutching the Elder King and is crying forcefully.  "I swear on the crown," he intones.  Kitani asks the Elder King what would happen to her now that she had the augmentations.  He said he would have them undone so long as it caused her no more pain.  The Elder King then uses a Great Ashen Miracle to undo them.  However, not even Xalander's magic could remove the Absolution Particles in Kitani's DNA.  And after that Kitani had a place among the royal family.  Kitani asks Xalander what her purpose is as they walk side by side to the Senate Chamber.  "Your purpose is your own, child," he tells her as he smiles at her.  Kitani ponders his words carefully and tells Xalander that she wants to protect others from people like Errowmont.  Xalander tells her, "If that is your wish, you have my support."  The small child asks the Elder King what she needed to do.  Xalander advises her, "Learn to fight," as Kitani tells him she would.  "I can train you as either a Paladin or a Dragoon," the Elder King tells the child that he loves like his own daughter.  "I want to be a Dragoon," Kitani tells her new father figure as he smiles with pride...
The Elder King legally adopted Kitani.  When the Senate tried to block the motion, Xalander invoked the Right of the Elder King.  The Senate could not refuse his absolute decree.  The entire Senate was in an uproar.  They claimed that Errowmont had engineered a monster, and they said they would not stand for such a vile creature to be a Xixilias.  They thought Kitani was a monster, classifying her on the same level as a Mirroid.  Kitani, with her psionic abilities, could feel their fear mingled with hatred.  Good.  They SHOULD fear me.  Where did THAT come from?  Kitani blinks and pushes the foreign thought away that came from the recesses of her own mind.  Xalander drew Ruin Ray and was about to show the entire Senate exactly why HE was king.  He was actually ready to physically fight the entire Senate, which he would have easily defeated.  Kitani turns to look at the Senate, asking them if she was bad.  She KNEW they thought she was a monster.  They didn't answer because by that time the Elder King assumed his Ancient form and he dared them to say one wrong word.  Xalander had answered her, "You are not bad, Kitani.  You did nothing wrong."  Kitani dances with glee as Xalander tells her, "Go play with Jonathatn while I talk to the Senate."  Kitani finds Jonathan and tells him that she wasn't bad and that she was going to be a Dragoon like him.  Jonathan had answered, "I think you'll make a fine Dragoon," and vowed to teach Kitani.  And after Kitani left the Senate chamber, Xalander waited until she was out of range of hearing and proceeded to single-handedly beat the piss out of the entire Senate.  The Senate contained 1200 Seinken Paladins, Dragoons and Templars.  Their numbers didn't help them.  All of them were decorated veterans of numerous wars so they had the power to fight most anything and win until they pissed off the Elder King.  The Elder King even used his strongest attack, Bladestorm.  And about half an hour later the Elder King came to find Kitani.  There was no indication he had just whooped the Senate's asses.  He wasn't even touched nor did he break a sweat.  "It is done now.  You are now my child," The Elder King tells Kitani Xixilias as he kisses her tenderly on the forehead...
Two weeks later...  Kitani is playing a game of hide and seek with her friend Jonathan.  As Kitani is figuring out where to hide, a sudden thought hits her.  The Senate chamber!  That would be the PERFECT place to hide!  Kitani giggles to herself and goes to hide in the Senate Chamber where she sees the aftermath.   There were no bodies, just a lot of destruction and 1200 shattered Seinken swords.  Oh my God!  The Senate chamber had been almost totally destroyed and the dome was gone.  A Senate Guard finds Kitani Xixilias in the ruined Senate Chamber and tells her, "The Elder King beat the crap out of the entire Senate about 2 weeks ago."  Five minutes later, Jonathan found her and said "Damn!  What the hell happened here?"  Kitani tells Jonathan.
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I seem most drawn to the Catacombs of Oralius series for some reason.  Probably because it represents a whole Cardassia as it should have been.  I ferverently believe in their right to worship law that grants the right to worship whatever one chooses or to not worship at all.
NerysGhemor Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
Glad you like it!

That said, their government is not one I think would work on Earth with humans, even though they make it work for them.  I wish it could work here but I know it would be a disaster.  The fact that clergy hold one of the two houses of the legislature makes it a half-theocracy, though they do have their own form of checks and balances between the secular and the religious.
thelittledagger Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2015
I can see that.  If such a government like that was set up on Earth, a half-theocracy, then I can see identical abuses of power before Akleen in either timeline.  I wish more Christians were moderately conservative like you are.  Unfortunately the evangelists seem to want to dominate all of Christianity.  I think I know now where you got the inspiration for the pre-Cataclysm government on Cardassia Prime.  People should not commit atrocities in the name of God because I suspect that would make God weep.  Church and State should always be separate though the more vocal extremists are lobbying for them to be combined.  Unfortunately this would plunge us back into the days of the Holy Roman Empire during the Middle Ages and a return of Inquisitions.  Now I think that the arguments between Evolution and Creationism are pretty much pointless and backwards.  Who's to say God didn't shape the universe in the way science describes rather than what the Bible says.  In fact I hold to the belief that God created the universe the way the scientists state and shaped all life including Humanity through evolution.
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